Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Justice League # 1

May 11, 2012
And So It Begins...
Justice League # 1 - Justice League, Part One
Geoff Johns, Jim Lee, Scott Williams

Geoff Johns and Jim Lee are DC Comics' Dream Team, and they don't disappoint. Justice League #1 was my favorite issue out of all the New 52, and I'm excitedly looking forward to what happens next. The art is fantastic, of course, and the story is typical of Geoff Johns (which is to say it's phenomenal). The dialogue was good, too; I loved the parts with Hal Jordan and Batman together, because they're so different, and yet the dialogue was natural.

All in all, this issue was amazing. I'm really glad that Johns and Lee get to re-introduce us to the Justice League. Expect great things from this title.

Bottom line: 5/5

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