About Me

My name is Megan Rich.  I started this blog after accidentally winning a review contest from tfaw.com (which, by the way, is a great place to get your comics).  I had written a review for Batman, Inc. #1, and it was chosen as a winner of their monthly contest.  They also gave me a $25 gift card, so I was super-thrilled. Then one of my family members mentioned that I could be a critic and start a blog.  Needless to say, I was inspired!

I hope you will enjoy my reviews, and leave me lots of feedback.  I'm not a professional critic, I'm just a fan who wants to share her views.  I'm also a Christian, so my articles will reflect my beliefs.  My goal is to bring you comic reviews that will help you to avoid the ones you won't like, and find the ones you will.

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