Thursday, September 13, 2012

Green Lantern #0

Green Lantern #0

There has been so much hype about this issue that I almost felt like it was set up to disappoint.  I mean, doesn't Earth already have enough Green Lanterns?  And won't it be harder to relate to an Arab-American?  And why does he need a gun if he has a Green Lantern ring?

I was SO wrong.  Baz is a very likable, very relatable, cool character.  His origin story is compelling, and I loved it.  I shouldn't be surprised, because really, has Geoff Johns written anything lately that hasn't been awesome?  Anyway, I'm really excited about this title now.  I've only read a few Zero Issues so far, but this has been the best by far.

Bottom line: 4.5/5

Tell me what you think!  Is this the best Zero Issue so far?

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