Saturday, August 25, 2012

Batman: Earth One

Batman: Earth One
Geoff Johns, Gary Frank

This is a really cool, brand-new take on Batman's origin story.  Although it's technically set in a different dimension, even casual fans will know most of the characters, and be able to follow the story easily.  That being said, I want to warn parents that this book isn't meant for kids.  There are several curse words and sexual insinuations used, and the entire story is set in a very violent, dark Gotham City.  That darkness lends well to the story, because this book is all about the war between good and evil in Gotham.  The way the different characters cope with or fight the darkness is what makes this story cool.

Specifically, we get to follow Bruce through his first years as Batman, and see how he deals with all his problems (he has more than you might expect).  We also get to see Geoff Johns' take on several popular Gotham-based characters, including James and Barbara Gordon.  I love how the history of Gotham was interwoven with the Arkhams and the Waynes too, because it made the whole story fit together.  I'd definitely recommend this book to casual and die-hard Batman fans.  Because it's a fresh take on the origin story, it doesn't matter if you've been following Batman forever or if you're just hopping on the bandwagon.

Bottom line: 4/5

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